Month: January 2019

Having Trouble Picking Your Bridesmaids? Follow These Tips

While they may be slightly less important than the groom, you can feel deeply grateful to stand at the altar with your bridesmaids. The group you select can provide you with great support on the day of your wedding, and support leading up to it. Of course, your bridesmaids will not be able to do… Read more »

How Can You Make The Best Use Of Your Wedding Website?

While wedding websites are a relatively new feature in wedding planning, they have proven helpful to many couples. Your wedding website can give the crucial details of your event, they can help you hint at your wedding look, and they let people learn a little more about your relationship. While your website can benefit you,… Read more »

3 Tips For Couples Who Prefer To Host A Child-Free Wedding

When it comes to creating a guest list, the bride and groom can obviously be the authorities on who should receive an invitation. One consideration you can make when forming plans is whether you should make your wedding a child-free affair. Limiting your wedding to adults can make more room on your guest list, and… Read more »

Should You Make Special Accommodations For Guests’ Kids?

You can generally expect your guests to come to your wedding ready to support your relationship, and enjoy themselves throughout your ceremony and reception. If you allow guests to bring their children to your event, you may have a harder time anticipating how they will feel about everything happening. Should you make special plans to… Read more »

Visit Texas Old Town This Sunday For Our Bridal Garage Sale!

This Sunday, couples looking for the right wedding items can come to Texas Old Town and take advantage of our annual Bridal Garage Sale! Past brides will be on hand to sell decorations, and other useful items that helped them on their special day. This is a great opportunity for you to pick up things… Read more »

What Can You Gain From Scheduling Your Wedding On A Friday?

Many couples feel that they absolutely must plan their wedding on a Saturday. This can certainly be a popular choice, and may be what your friends and family anticipate. With that said, making this choice can come with drawbacks. Because Saturdays are so frequently preferred, you may have fewer available dates to pick from on… Read more »

Your Bridal Suite Can Make Wedding Day Preparations Easier

The hours leading to your wedding ceremony can be filled with activity. You, your partner, and everyone in your wedding party will need to be ready to walk down the aisle. You can also be concerned about arrangements concerning your decorations, your catering, and your entertainment. In addition to providing couples with venue access for… Read more »

Making Tough Decisions While You Plan Your Guest List

The exchanging of vows will be a meaningful moment for you and your partner, and the presence of your guests can add to its magic. After all, your wedding is an opportunity to proclaim your lifelong love in front of the people you care about, and who care about you. While you can be excited… Read more »

Reduce Planning Stress With An All Inclusive Wedding Package

Many couples can be surprised at how quickly their wedding planner fills up with tasks and responsibilities. You need to make important decisions about how many people you want at your wedding, and who should attend. You need to determine what you want from the look of your ceremony and reception spaces, and arrange decorating… Read more »

Our 2019 Bridal Garage Sale Is Almost Here!

As your wedding date approaches, you can find yourself with more responsibilities, and more tasks to manage. On Sunday, January 27, you can take advantage of a great opportunity to plan your wedding look at our Bridal Garage Sale! During this special one day event, future brides can look through items that they need for… Read more »