Be Prepared To Handle Wedding Day Surprises

Professional Photo By: Tiffany Hofeldt Photography

Arriving at the day of your wedding can be a relief, but it can also be a new source of stress. On the one hand, all of your efforts to prepare for this day are set to pay off. On the other hand, you can feel like there is no more time to address any problems or concerns that arise. What can you do to help protect your wedding day from unexpected issues? When it comes to small matters, a wedding day survival kit can be a crucial ally. Having the materials you need to address small problems with a dress, a headache, or any other issue can be meaningful. Your wedding party is also available to help – they can step in and address troubles while you prepare for your ceremony.

A Wedding Day Survival Kit Can Help You Avoid Last-Minute Trouble

Your wedding day survival kit can be ready for you in case a small emergency strikes. Hopefully, you will not need to touch it in the course of your day. Small items like tweezers, baby powder, and sewing supplies can help you take on cosmetic concerns that might arise. You can also keep aspirin, antacids, or other supplies that help you address minor discomforts.

Take Advantage Of Your Wedding Party’s Support Before Your Ceremony

How much time do you want to spend on your phone before your ceremony? If you keep it on your person, you may find yourself fielding message after message from people asking questions you would prefer not to answer at the moment. So what do you do about the people texting to ask for directions, or asking when the ceremony starts (yes, even though that information is on their invitation)? Hand off your phone to a member of your wedding party, and allow them to answer questions on your behalf. You can also count on wedding party members to check on wedding preparations, and welcome guests.

Texas Old Town Can Help You Enjoy A Wonderful, Magical Wedding Day!

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