Check Out Texas Old Town’s Bridal Garage Sale Jan 27!

On Sunday, January 27, Texas Old Town is hosting its special Bridal Garage Sale! For recent brides, this event can be a great way to make money on wedding decorations, and related items. For those brides-to-be in the crowd, the sale can make decorations and other helpful pieces more affordable, which can mean lower overall wedding costs. You can find centerpieces, floral arrangements, and many more useful items up for grabs. This can be an ideal event if you are looking for inspiration, or if you need the right items for a DIY wedding look. If you have something to sell, or if you are ready to save on your wedding planning efforts, make sure you make time for the Bridal Garage Sale! The event will be held at Tejas Hall, and it is scheduled to last from 9 am until 11 am. 

You Can Look For Great Wedding Deals!

If you are looking for the right pieces to decorate your wedding ceremony and reception spaces, the Bridal Garage Sale can provide you with access to a range of pieces. You can also talk to brides about how they used certain items, and what their recommendations are for incorporating something into your wedding vision.

We Can Help You Make Plans To Celebrate A Wonderful Wedding

Texas Old Town offers great settings for your wedding day. In addition to supplying you with a lovely location, you are also given access to great amenities! You can count on help finding the right vendors thanks to our preferred vendors list, and you can enjoy support in the form of bridal and groom suites, as well as help from an on-site manager. If you are interested in an all inclusive wedding package, you can ensure that pre-wedding tasks are handled to your satisfaction, and that everything will be ready when you arrive for your special day!

Check Out The Texas Old Town Bridal Garage Sale!

Recent brides and brides-to-be should check out Texas Old Town’s Bridal Garage Sale! On Sunday, January 27, many great wedding goods will be available to purchase at Tejas Hall. Our venue is excited to provide this event, and help couples prepare for their special day. If you have questions about the Bridal Garage Sale, or if you want to learn more about using our premiere Austin wedding venue for your special day, let us know! To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.