Find Great Wedding Decorations At Our Bridal Garage Sale!

Where can you go to find the sort of decorations that can make your wedding ceremony and reception spaces stand out? How can you create a great look for your wedding day without putting a strain on your budget? During the special Bridal Garage Sale at Texas Old Town, you can look through the many quality items brides have used in their weddings, and enjoy terrific deals that help you do more for your special day, while paying less! This is also a great opportunity for recent brides to earn money while helping someone else work on their wedding. This event is being held on the morning of Sunday, January 27.

Find Great Decorations At Discounted Prices

The bridal garage sale can help you find deals on items you need, and pieces you want. By attending this event, and meeting with past brides, you can find great pieces. If you are looking to enjoy a rustic, DIY-centric wedding event, you can look for pieces with the right charm to suit your tastes. You can also find items that represent a variety of styles, and help you complete whatever look you hope to present to your guests.

Look For Inspiration To Plan The Look Of Your Wedding

Are you struggling to determine the look of your wedding? Have you been missing just the right inspiration to tie your vision together? Remember that this gathering offers more than just discounts on items. You can talk with former brides, and find out how they used the pieces they are offering. That spark of inspiration can help you move forward in your efforts to decorate your space.

Our Bridal Garage Sale Gives You A Great Opportunity To See Our Venue!

Our Bridal Garage Sale, along with our special Bridal Fair in February, give you an opportunity to see our Texas Hill Country venue in person. The garage sale will take place in our Tejas Hall, one of several reception area brides have used to host a wonderful wedding event. Of course, if you want to see more, you can set up an appointment for a tour!

Texas Old Town Is Excited To Host Our 2019 Bridal Garage Sale!

On Sunday, January 27, look for decorations, and find inspiration, at our Bridal Garage Sale! This special event is something we offer to help future brides plan their special day, while also helping past brides clear out items they used for their celebrations. While this is a great time to visit our premiere Austin wedding venue, remember that you can also arrange a tour, and see more of Texas Old Town. To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.