Having Trouble Picking Your Bridesmaids? Follow These Tips

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

While they may be slightly less important than the groom, you can feel deeply grateful to stand at the altar with your bridesmaids. The group you select can provide you with great support on the day of your wedding, and support leading up to it. Of course, your bridesmaids will not be able to do anything for you until you select them! This can be a difficult choice, as you can quickly discover you have more important people in your life than you have room in your wedding party. Fortunately, you can have an easier time with your selection when you think about what you want from your group, and what might be expected of them.

How Large Should Your Wedding Party Be?

There is no concrete rule that tells you how many bridesmaids you should have. If you want a larger group of bridesmaids at a smaller wedding, or a smaller number of people at the altar for a larger wedding, the choice is yours. Remember that choosing more bridesmaids means spending more on your rehearsal dinner, and your wedding party gifts. Still, if you are having a hard time leaving people out, the option to add a few extra people to your party is open to you.

Your Bridesmaids Can Offer Important Support Between Now And Your Wedding

While it can be a big honor to be asked to serve as a bridesmaid, the position can come with responsibilities. As you make your choices, think about who in your life you can confidently count on to help you between now and your wedding day. After all, your bridesmaids should be counted on to acquire their dresses, be present at pre-wedding events, and generally be in your corner when wedding stress starts to feel overwhelming. You should also think about who you would want on hand in the hours leading up to your walk down the aisle.

What To Expect From Your Maid Or Matron Of Honor

Few people in your wedding party are as important as your maid or matron of honor. The person in this position can have a key role to play in planning your bachelorette party, and they may be deeply involved in planning your other pre-wedding events. This can also be someone you feel you can count on when you need extra support finding the right vendors, selecting the right decorations, and helping you navigate other tricky wedding matters. Someone you feel particularly close to, who can also be relied on to handle varied tasks, can be ideal for this position.

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