How Can You Make The Best Use Of Your Wedding Website?

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

While wedding websites are a relatively new feature in wedding planning, they have proven helpful to many couples. Your wedding website can give the crucial details of your event, they can help you hint at your wedding look, and they let people learn a little more about your relationship. While your website can benefit you, you and your partner may feel put off if you are unsure about what you should, and should not, include. Think of your wedding website as an opportunity to convey key information, as well as an opportunity to bring up matters that would not easily fit on your invitation.

Use Your Website To Address Matters Better Left Out Of An Invite

Some subjects are definitely worth mentioning, but they may be inappropriate for your wedding invitations. You can address your preferred dress code in your invitation – for instance, a line like “black tie preferred,” or “casual dress encouraged” can be worked in easily. However, if you want to elaborate on your preference, it can be better to share through your website. You can also use your site to address if your wedding will be child-free, or if you intend to have a cash bar. Essentially, your website can serve as a space to tactfully mention matters that should not be in your invitations, either because mentioning them might seem tacky, or because the details would occupy too much space.

Your Wedding Website Can Help People Navigate Your Gift Registry

If you have a wedding registry, if you set up a Honeyfund, or if you prefer for people to make donations on your behalf, you can include links and details on your wedding website. Making this information easy to obtain, and linking it with other pertinent wedding information, can make matters easy for your guests.

Remember – Not Everyone Will Be Comfortable Using Your Wedding Website

While it can be tempting to use your wedding website to handle your RSVPs, or as a way to address all wedding-related matters, you could end up alienating people who might be less computer-savvy. While online RSVPs can be easy to manage, you should consider accepting physical RSVPs as well. Older relatives, or people who are less comfortable with online arrangements, can be confused, or they may be put off. It can also be a mistake to rely on too many digital resources – for instance, invitations and notes of thanks sent over email can feel less personal, and less thoughtful.

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