Making Tough Decisions While You Plan Your Guest List

Professional Photo By: T Walker Photography

The exchanging of vows will be a meaningful moment for you and your partner, and the presence of your guests can add to its magic. After all, your wedding is an opportunity to proclaim your lifelong love in front of the people you care about, and who care about you. While you can be excited to have special people there on your special day, the process of creating your guest list can be less than fun. Texas Old Town offers multiple venues for couples to use, so you can find a space that suits a more intimate gathering, or one that can accommodate a larger turnout. 

Commit To Your Wedding Size Before You Start Adding Guests

Before you decide who you want to attend your wedding, you should figure out how many people you want on hand. Leaving people off of your list can feel unpleasant, but removing people when you have to cut down on your guest size can feel worse. Many couples can have a preexisting preference for a larger or smaller wedding. If you are on the fence, keep in mind that your guest list can impact your ultimate wedding costs.

Should Everyone Receive A Plus-One?

If the majority of your friends and family members have stable relationships, you may have little concern about plus-ones. For single people, the matter can be trickier to address. People can feel more welcome, and more comfortable, if they are able to bring a date with them. Of course, when you include more plus-ones, you lose potential space for other guests. If you want to host a more intimate wedding, you may be happier limiting plus-ones when inviting single people.

Should You Ask People To Leave The Kids At Home For Your Wedding?

A child-free wedding can allow everyone to feel more relaxed during your reception, and it can help you avoid making special accommodations for food and activities. Of course, when you allow people to bring children, it can be easier for couples to attend without having to secure a babysitter, and it can allow you to have younger members of your family in attendance. As with plus-ones, keep in mind that welcoming young guests can potentially cut down on how many guests you are able to invite.

Texas Old Town Can Help You Host A Wedding That You And Your Guests Will Love!

You can find beautiful spaces for your wedding day at Texas Old Town! We offer multiple venue options, so you can secure enough room for all of your guests. We are proud to provide gorgeous outdoor settings (with welcoming indoor reception areas) for couples in search of the right Austin wedding venue. To plan your tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.