Month: January 2019

Properly Thanking Your Guests And Wedding Party Members

When you stand at the altar and exchange vows, you can appreciate the sight of so many friends and family watching you share this moment with your partner. Whether you have a large gathering, or an intimate affair, your guests can help make your wedding day feel truly special. Traditionally, you can share gratitude with… Read more »

What Should I Add To My Outdoor Ceremony Space?

When you have access to a beautiful outdoor ceremony space, you can be impressed by the setting’s look without added decorations. Of course, you should remember that the right pieces do more than just improve on your surroundings. You can introduce your wedding colors with your decorations, and give your ceremony space a look that… Read more »

These Tips Can Help You Find The Right Wedding Vendors

Your wedding vendors can help you turn your idea for a perfect wedding into reality! Various professionals in the field of wedding services can take on your catering needs, serve your drinks, and help you and your venue space look terrific. Of course, there is one challenge that awaits you – making sure you find… Read more »

Tips To Help You Make The Most Of Your Reception Traditions

While your wedding reception can be a less formal, and less structured, event than your ceremony, there are still some key traditions you and your partner can honor. You can share a first dance together, and dance with your respective parents. You can also make time for wedding toasts, throw the bouquet, and cut your… Read more »

Be Prepared To Handle Wedding Day Surprises

Arriving at the day of your wedding can be a relief, but it can also be a new source of stress. On the one hand, all of your efforts to prepare for this day are set to pay off. On the other hand, you can feel like there is no more time to address any… Read more »

Making The Most Of Your Rehearsal Dinner Experience

Your rehearsal dinner can serve many functions. You can greet your gathering family, offer a nice meal to your wedding party, and invite guests who travel to join you as a way of thanking them for their effort to attend your wedding. Of course, out of all the functions a rehearsal dinner can serve, there… Read more »

Find Great Wedding Decorations At Our Bridal Garage Sale!

Where can you go to find the sort of decorations that can make your wedding ceremony and reception spaces stand out? How can you create a great look for your wedding day without putting a strain on your budget? During the special Bridal Garage Sale at Texas Old Town, you can look through the many… Read more »

Selecting The Right Accessories For Your Bridal Gown

You have the perfect bridal gown, and you have your wedding look with your hair and makeup stylists planned. While your look can be nearly complete at this point, the right accessories can help you finalize your appearance before you walk down the aisle. As you look for what you should wear on your wedding… Read more »

The Benefits That Come With Nontraditional Wedding Dates

Many couples feel like they have to find a wedding date that fits certain criteria. They feel that their event must be on a Saturday, and that they should plan to host it in the late spring or early summer. If you free yourself from this mindset, you can discover great advantages that come with… Read more »

Check Out Texas Old Town’s Bridal Garage Sale Jan 27!

On Sunday, January 27, Texas Old Town is hosting its special Bridal Garage Sale! For recent brides, this event can be a great way to make money on wedding decorations, and related items. For those brides-to-be in the crowd, the sale can make decorations and other helpful pieces more affordable, which can mean lower overall… Read more »