Selecting The Right Accessories For Your Bridal Gown

Professional Photo By: Ladybird Studios

You have the perfect bridal gown, and you have your wedding look with your hair and makeup stylists planned. While your look can be nearly complete at this point, the right accessories can help you finalize your appearance before you walk down the aisle. As you look for what you should wear on your wedding day, remember that the right piece can help tie together your appearance, but too many accessories can be distracting. You can also think about providing matching accessories for your bridesmaids to wear, to help complete their look.

Finding The Right Piece Or Pieces To Complete Your Wedding Look

You should have your gown selected before you start selecting accessories, as you want to make sure the metal for a piece of jewelry fits well with your dress. This means making sure the color of your jewelry brings out the best qualities in your dress color, without clashing. You may want to add a bit of contrast when it comes to the elaborateness of your dress versus jewelry – if your dress is simpler and more modern, a more elaborate piece can suit you well. If you want all eyes on a dress with plenty of accents and adornments, modest pieces can be more beneficial.

Limit The Number Of Accessories You Wear

Even if you have an array of beautiful jewelry, you should be careful to limit what accessories you select. It is possible to overwhelm yourself with too many pieces, and hurt your look. You should also remember that accessories are not always jewelry. Adding a belt, or a wrap, will add something to your appearance, and you should take that into account when selecting what else to wear.

Selecting Accessories For Your Bridesmaids To Wear

You can certainly select shared accessories for your bridesmaids to wear. In fact, you can even turn that accessory into your gift to the people who stand with you at the altar. This can be a purely cosmetic piece, but it can also have a practical value. You can use a shawl or wrap to keep everyone comfortable during a winter wedding, or to help unify their look if you allow for different dress styles.

Texas Old Town Can Give You A Beautiful Wedding Space To Celebrate Your Love

With the right wedding look, you can feel truly beautiful as you walk down the aisle. Of course, with the right venue, you can enjoy much-needed confidence in the way your ceremony and reception look as well! Texas Old Town is proud to make a beautiful Texas Hill Country wedding available to couples who wish to wed in Austin. To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.