Should You Make Special Accommodations For Guests’ Kids?

Professional Photo By: Ashley Peterson Photography

You can generally expect your guests to come to your wedding ready to support your relationship, and enjoy themselves throughout your ceremony and reception. If you allow guests to bring their children to your event, you may have a harder time anticipating how they will feel about everything happening. Should you make special plans to accommodate your wedding’s youngest attendees? While young relatives can be excited for your special day, children of your guests may have little connection to you, or what is happening. You can find ways to make them feel welcome, and help their parents enjoy themselves, too.

What To Expect If You Encourage People To Bring Their Kids To Your Wedding

You and your partner certainly have the option of asking guests to leave their kids at home. With that said, this decision could leave guests unable to attend, and it can create an awkward situation if you still wish to have a flower girl and ring bearer at your ceremony. When you welcome kids at your wedding, you can allow people to avoid requiring a babysitter. You can also ensure your younger relatives are in attendance, who can be excited to see your event.

Setting Up A Kids’ Area At Your Reception

If you expect several of your guests to bring kids to your wedding, you may want to set up an area for them to enjoy themselves during your reception. A kids’ area – a table with games, coloring books, and other activities – can be a big hit with young guests, and their parents. If you want to make the night more fun for parents, you can even consider hiring someone to stay at the table, and keep watch over everyone.

Other Considerations You Should Make

Consider having guests with kids near each other in your seating chart, so that they have others to interact with nearby. This can limit the chances that children might want to wander away, and be underfoot while your adult guests are mingling. If you are serving finer dining choices, talk to your caterer and see what they might recommend for kids. Because they have likely worked at events with younger guests, they can have smart suggestions you can use.

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