The Benefits That Come With Nontraditional Wedding Dates

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

Many couples feel like they have to find a wedding date that fits certain criteria. They feel that their event must be on a Saturday, and that they should plan to host it in the late spring or early summer. If you free yourself from this mindset, you can discover great advantages that come with nontraditional wedding dates. This kind of flexible thinking can be valuable. By planning a fall or winter wedding, or by selecting a wedding date outside of Saturday, you can look forward to exciting benefits!

Does Your Wedding Really Have To Fall On A Saturday?

Saturdays have long served as a popular date for weddings. Unfortunately, that means your choice of wedding vendors can be limited due to demand. Picking a date on a different day of the week can make the right professionals easier to secure. It can also unlock benefits in the form of better pricing for important wedding services. Your guests can also enjoy unexpected benefits from a nontraditional choice – for instance, a Friday evening wedding lets everyone preserve their full weekend.

Benefits Of Picking A Wedding Date Outside The Usual Wedding Season

Fall and winter weddings can encourage style choices that may not fit a narrow idea of how a wedding “should” look, but they can encourage choices that are beautiful and memorable. You can use cool winter tones to maintain a feeling of elegance, and welcome guests to a classier, more formal gathering. The fall palette offers up many rich hues you can use to provide a stunning look for your ceremony and reception. Of course, the changing leaves of fall can make this season especially attractive for an outdoor ceremony.

Using Your Wedding Date To Guide Your Wedding Style Choices

Your wedding date can influence your wedding event, and your guests, in surprising ways. To fight off the winter chill, your guests and your wedding party can cover up with tasteful, attractive accessories that make them appear more stylish. This can be perfect for a bride interested in a more formal event. A Sunday wedding held earlier in the day can have a relaxed vibe – you can take this further by hosting a reception brunch, which can be down-to-earth and fun. If you feel stuck in a traditional planning mindset, moving away from a traditional wedding date can propel your towards more creative ideas!

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