The Right Flower Arrangements Can Brighten Your Wedding!

Professional Photo By: Alaa Marzouk Photography

When you find the right flowers for your special day, you can add vibrant touches to your wedding. Your bouquet can give you a stunning burst of color to complement your white wedding gown. Boutonnieres and corsages can draw your guests’ eyes to the people in your wedding party. You can certainly rely on the right flowers to dress up your centerpieces. Subtle arrangements can add an important flourish to a more elegant and formal wedding, while brighter arrangements can make a more casual affair feel special. Texas Old Town can help you find the right florist for your needs with our recommended vendors list

Making The Most Of Your Bouquets, And Other Flower Arrangements, For Your Wedding

Because they can be counted on to attract attention, you should be careful to let your flowers add to your event, without overpowering other decorations. Think about how much a bouquet can add to your wedding look. You want a bouquet that is relatively small, and easy to carry, but with the right pop of color, that modestly sized accessory can have a big impact on your appearance. Selecting flowers that match your wedding colors can help you tie together the look of your ceremony and reception spaces.

Should I Include DIY Flower Arrangements In My Wedding?

If you want to showcase your creativity, and maintain a more rustic atmosphere on your wedding day, DIY decorations can be effective. Creating and arranging your own bouquet, or your own centerpieces, can help you fashion something unique for your celebration. With that said, remember that live flowers will have a relatively short lifespan, and you may have a hard time fitting crafting projects into your schedule so close to your wedding day.

Texas Old Town Can Give You A Beautiful Setting For Your Wedding

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