Tips To Help You Make The Most Of Your Reception Traditions

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While your wedding reception can be a less formal, and less structured, event than your ceremony, there are still some key traditions you and your partner can honor. You can share a first dance together, and dance with your respective parents. You can also make time for wedding toasts, throw the bouquet, and cut your first piece of cake together. As fun as these events are, it can sometimes be difficult to incorporate them into a reception – with the right planning, you can avoid running into complications that impact your reception event.

Make Sure Your Wedding DJ Or Emcee Understands What Is Happening, And When

While everyone can assume you will follow at least some of the traditions surrounding a wedding reception, guests can be unsure of exactly when they will take place. Fortunately, you can have an emcee (or your wedding DJ) make announcements at the right times, to help people keep up with what is going on. You should make sure you share the necessary details on what is happening when, and what music choices you want during these occasions.

Working Traditional Moments Around Dinner, Drinks, And Dancing

Your guests will find many ways to occupy themselves during your reception. Guests can expect dinner, drinks, and some dancing. You can also add fun games, and a photo booth, to keep everyone in good spirits. Pacing events around general merriment can help everyone have the best possible time. While people are receiving food, you can work in a moment to visit tables, and thank your guests for their attendance. While you can plan something before dinner, limit the activities that keep potentially hungry guests from enjoying their dinner. After food is served, it can be easier to hold everyone’s attention while you enjoy other celebratory moments.

True Or False? There’s Just No Way You And Your Partner Will Have Time To Eat

Couples are often warned that they will struggle to find time for their own dinners during their wedding reception. This can often be the case, simply because you will have so much to do, and so many people who want to wish you will (certainly a nice problem to have). While most traditional events during the reception can demand the attention of at least one of you, a special event that keeps you both free can buy you some time to eat. Hosting a special slide show for your guests can help you entertain people, and hold their attention while you enjoy some food.

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