What Can You Gain From Scheduling Your Wedding On A Friday?

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Many couples feel that they absolutely must plan their wedding on a Saturday. This can certainly be a popular choice, and may be what your friends and family anticipate. With that said, making this choice can come with drawbacks. Because Saturdays are so frequently preferred, you may have fewer available dates to pick from on the calendar. You can also find that your preferred wedding vendors are more likely to be busy. A wedding on a Friday night can be a more convenient choice. In addition to making matters easier, it can also offer other surprising benefits.

How A Friday Wedding Can Be Better For Your Planning Efforts, And Your Budget

Planning a wedding on a Friday can offer some advantages you can find irresistible. You can discover that your wedding budget goes further, because professionals in the wedding industry can have a harder time securing work on Fridays. You can also discover that it is easier to find the people you need – this can be especially advantageous if you have a relatively short engagement people, and vendors are more likely to be booked on your chosen date.

Benefits Of A Friday Wedding For Your Guests

For your wedding guests, a Friday night wedding can be a great way to end their work week. Because a Friday wedding can be better for evening hours, the people who attend can be more comfortable with a more formal event. This choice can also give people their full weekend to enjoy on their terms…and enjoy a little more time to recover before returning to their jobs.

More Reasons To Choose A Nontraditional Wedding Date

Nontraditional wedding dates can lead to savings, and more creative planning choices. If you prefer to host your wedding in the winter, you can take inspiration from the season and build your ceremony and reception decorations around cooler tones. You can also adjust your menu, serving the kind of nourishing, warming foods and drinks people may not expect to encounter at a wedding. Sunday weddings, like Friday weddings, can be good for couples who want to enjoy savings, and easier access to vendors. Sundays can also be especially good dates for brunch weddings. You can switch up the menu, and bring people together to enjoy a beautiful event that is a fun departure from the norm.

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