Your Bridal Suite Can Make Wedding Day Preparations Easier

Professional Photo By: Okushi Photography

The hours leading to your wedding ceremony can be filled with activity. You, your partner, and everyone in your wedding party will need to be ready to walk down the aisle. You can also be concerned about arrangements concerning your decorations, your catering, and your entertainment. In addition to providing couples with venue access for sixteen hours on their wedding day, Texas Old Town provides a bridal suite and a groom suite. These spaces allow you to be on site while you dress, and give you the ability to check in on wedding preparations.

Take Advantage Of Reserved Venue Space To Prepare For Your Walk Down The Aisle

All the planning required for your wedding day can make the day itself much easier. However, you can still have understandable concerns about everything going according to plan. Because you have venue access for up to sixteen hours on your special day, you will be at the site to oversee what is happening. You can also take your time in preparing your look, as you can take the time you need to have your hair and makeup done, and put on your dress.

Making Sure Your Bridesmaids Know When They Are Needed

Your bridal suite allows you to dress, and have your hair and makeup done, with your bridesmaids at the venue. One thing you should take care to do is give everyone a time for when they will have their hair and makeup needs addressed. Giving everyone on schedule can help you ensure everyone is ready in time for the ceremony. It can also free up some of your bridesmaids to step away and help, as they will not need to worry about creating a delay by missing their time with the stylist or stylists.

Other Tips To Make Your Day Before Your Ceremony Less Stressful

As you prepare for your wedding, you can be surprised at how many people seem to think the bride is free to answer calls and texts. Handing off your phone to someone you trust at the start of your day can keep your attention focused on the ceremony and reception. Of course, while you want to avoid guests’ questions and comments, you also want to avoid spending too much time worrying about the setup of your event. You can be relieved to know that an on-site manager will be at the venue, so matters can be addressed by a professional without your direct involvement.

Talk To Texas Old Town About Securing Your Ideal Wedding Space!

An ideal wedding space can be beautiful, and welcoming to both your guests and your wedding party. Texas Old Town is proud to offer an Austin wedding experience that makes couples feel warmly welcomed, while also providing access to a gorgeous Texas Hill Country landscape. To set up a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, you can call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.