3 Tips That Can Help Take Stress Out Of Wedding Planning

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Even a relatively small and intimate wedding experience can be challenging to arrange, and the cause of some stress. Between selecting proper wedding attire for you and your wedding party, finding the right vendors to serve food and drinks, preparing your guest list, and planning your decorations, you will have plenty of demands on your time and energy. By giving yourself plenty of time to handle everything, and reaching out to the right people for support, you can minimize potential stress. Texas Old Town does offer an All Inclusive Wedding Package, which can take care of many important processes for you.

1. Save The Names And Addresses You Gather For Your Invitations

You may not have every person’s home address until you are ready to send your wedding invitations. Once you have gathered this information from everyone, make sure you save it. That record is particularly helpful when it is time to send out thank-you cards, a post-wedding activity that can consume a big chunk of your time even if you already have everyone’s information.

2. Ask Family Members To Help Spread The Word About Wedding Details

Between invitations, save-the-dates, and your wedding website, you may think that everyone has all the relevant information about your wedding available to them. Unfortunately, no matter how thorough you think you have been, you will likely have some relatives asking questions that were already addressed. It is also possible that people will want information that was not provided, too. Keep your wedding party and your close family members as informed as possible about wedding details. That way, they can field questions from would-be guests themselves, rather than direct those friends and relatives to you.

3. Fake Flowers Last Longer, And Can Be Purchased Earlier Than Real Flowers

For important pieces like your wedding bouquet, corsages, and boutonnieres, you can strongly prefer real, fresh flowers. However, if you plan to use flowers in pieces that are more elaborate, or exhibit floral arrangements that guests will not be close to, fake flowers can be a useful, and cheaper, alternative. They can also be procured well in advance of your special day, which gives you or your wedding planner more time to work them into your decorations.

You Can Plan To Enjoy A Wonderful Wedding Day Experience At Texas Old Town!

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