Determining How Formal Or Informal Your Wedding Should Be

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On your wedding day, you can have the important people in your life together to help you share in a truly special life event. Because this is your day, you should feel free to make the event as formal, or informal, as you want. Between stunning outdoor settings and multiple accommodating venue spaces, Texas Old Town can offer you a space for a relaxed, intimate affair, or a larger and more formal gathering. You can indicate the tone of your wedding by noting preferred attire, and through your choices regarding decorations, dinner, and more.

Shaping The Tone Of Your Wedding During Your Planning

One thing you might not realize is how you can use the date and time of your wedding to convey its formality. An evening wedding can feel more romantic, and more formal, as it can feel like an elegant night out – Friday evening weddings can feel like a formal option while still opening you up to potential savings. If you want your event to have a relaxed, rustic charm, consider a Sunday wedding set around breakfast time. Like with Friday dates, Sunday wedding dates can open up potential savings. Setting your time for brunch can influence you to have a more breakfast-friendly menu, and bar service, making your special day feel different, and more relaxed for your guests.

Make Sure Your Guests Know What Kind Of Wedding You Intend To Host

Your wedding colors, your decorative pieces, and your food and drink options can indicate how formal your event is meant to be. Of course, if you want to make sure your guests understand what kind of event you are hosting, the most direct communication can be the most effective. Indicate what kind of attire you prefer on your invitations, so you can minimize their uncertainty on how to look during your wedding.

Enjoy Access To Accommodating, Adaptable Spaces For Your Wedding

Having the right space can be key when it comes to creating your ideal wedding. With our generous accommodations and settings, you can plan your preferred experience. You can use DIY decorations, and lean on the natural beauty of Texas Hill Country, to celebrate a rustic wedding, or rely on the right vendors, and the right touches, to enjoy a more refined experience.

Texas Old Town Can Help Host The Wedding You Have Long Envisioned!

Texas Old Town is proud to welcome couples to our premiere Austin wedding venue! We have great outdoor and indoor settings, plus amenities that can make your day that much easier to enjoy. In addition to weddings, we can also host corporate events and other special events. To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.