Enjoy Surprising Benefits From An Uncommon Wedding Date

Professional Photo By: A. Gamble Photo

Exercising creativity as you plan the look of your wedding ceremony, or special events for your reception, can help you plan an event that defies the expectations of your guests in exciting ways. What you might not realize is just how many opportunities there are to move away from tradition, and what you can gain from non-standard choices. For instance, many people think that a wedding needs to take place on a Saturday, or that it should happen in the late spring or summer. A less common wedding date can open up new possibilities for your event, while also making planning and budgeting easier!

Hosting A Lovely Fall Or Winter Wedding Event

We often associate particular colors with the different seasons. If you host your wedding in the fall or winter, you can draw from those colors to create a wedding palette that surprises and impresses your guests. Using autumnal colors with your floral arrangements can create a sense of warmth, while the cool and light tones of winter can feel elegant. Your choice of wedding season can also have an effect on your style decisions. For instance, you can dress up your bridesmaids with a shawl or wrap that might seem out of place during the traditional wedding season.

Using A Date Other Than Saturday For Your Wedding

Are you interested in hosting a more formal and stylish wedding event? By booking a Friday wedding in the evening, you can encourage guests to think of your event as a nighttime soiree, and celebrate a black tie celebration. If you want to host something laid-back and informal, a smaller Sunday wedding around brunch time can keep everyone in relaxed spirits, while also changing up the typical reception menu. The date and time of your wedding can also have a practical advantage – because these dates are used less often, particularly in-demand catering companies are more likely to be available.

With The Right Space, You Can Do Great Things With Your Wedding!

We offer several venue options to couples, so you can find the perfect space for a larger or a smaller event. Once you have your space secured, you can find that it can easily accommodate the experience you want for yourself, and your guests. You can select your own vendors to create an atmosphere that is as formal, or informal, as you desire. We also provide more hands-on support for busy couples with our All-Inclusive Wedding Packages.

Texas Old Town Is Prepared To Welcome You For A Wedding Date That Suits You Best

Texas Old Town has great venue spaces available for couples in search of the right Austin wedding venue. We can accommodate your style, and find the perfect date for your special day. To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.