Exploring Your Serving Options For Your Reception Dinner

Professional Photo By: Tiffany Hofeldt Photography

Your wedding reception can feature lots of dancing, a fair number of drinks, and plenty of time for you to interact with your guests. Of course, as much as this evening is about bringing everyone together and celebrating, you still want to deliver on your reception meal. Texas Old Town can point you in the right direction for catering services with our preferred vendors list. You can also go out of your way to look for the right service – you can even look into having a favorite restaurant serve food for your guests. 

Planning A Meal That All Of Your Guests Can Appreciate

Even if you keep your guest list small, you can expect to serve food to dozens of people. Obviously, it can be difficult to select a single meal plan that can make everyone happy, even before you account for possible dietary restrictions. Fortunately, you can talk to caterers who can help you offer a selection of foods and sides to satisfy people. Remember that your wedding list grows, taste preferences can multiply. Having a note on your invitation to let people communicate allergies and diet preferences can help you prepare for any alternative serving needs, or let you know what food types might be less popular.

Determining Your Preferred Serving Method

Your meal serving options are important. With that said, it should be noted that the difference between a plated or buffet-style meal can be more about your evening than the food itself. Serving plated meals can make dinner faster, while you a buffet can feel less formal, and reduce the number of servers you require. You also have the ability to create a sort of compromise with family-style serving, which sees each table receive generous helpings of each food to share.

Other Food And Drink Considerations

In addition to choosing your meals, you will have to consider matters concerning your serving options, your seating arrangements, and other important aspects of the dinner. If you have a smaller wedding, you can serve food buffet style and ignore the need for a seating chart. This can be good for informal weddings, but you may have some delays as groups of family members and friends attempt to find tables with enough space for everyone. When it comes to your drink options, Texas Old Town has a designated bartending service available for a full bar wedding, which means you will not need to search different companies to find someone available on your date.

Texas Old Town Can Help You Enjoy A Beautiful Wedding Ceremony And Reception

You can enjoy a beautiful Texas Hill Country wedding at Texas Old Town thanks to our gorgeous outdoor areas, and welcoming indoor spaces! We are proud to serve as a premiere Austin wedding venue, and we are located conveniently near San Antonio and San Marcos. To plan your tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.