Is It Time To Start Creating My Seating Chart?

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Creating the ideal seating chart can take time, even if your guest list is on the small side. It can be particularly difficult to arrange when you have guests who have few connections to other people at your wedding, or when you have larger friend and family groups who will have to be spread over several tables. Once you are confident in your final guest list, you can start planning. Because Texas Old Town offers venues that are great for larger and smaller weddings, we can make sure you have the right space for your guests, no matter where they wind up sitting.

Is A Seating Chart Always Necessary?

There are circumstances where you might prefer to forgo the seating chart entirely. If you want a smaller wedding, and one with less structure, you may find it easier to allow guests to find their own seats. This removes you of any responsibility concerning when certain people receive food, and who sits near whom. However, if you are worried about people taking too long to sit down, if you have a larger turnout, or if you have plated meals where guests receive different foods, a seating chart can be important.

Things To Consider When You Arrange Your Guests

It can be a challenge to make all of your tables “perfect,” and you should be ready for some compromises. With that said, you can use your knowledge of the people in your life to consider who they may hit it off with, and enjoy meeting. For instance, you can have friends from work who share interests with friends from college, or relatives who might remember old family friends. If invite people who are naturally confrontational, you can understandably worry about putting them near someone they may disagree with on important subjects. With that said, remember that everyone is there to support you on your special day, and they should be expected to focus more on having a good time than settling arguments with someone they just met.

Reserving A Table For Kids At Your Reception

If you allow people to bring their children to your wedding, you may want to keep the tables with younger guests concentrated in a certain area. Depending on the number of kids you expect at your wedding, you may want to designate a table for kids’ activities, too. A section with coloring books and games can be popular with kids, and you can have someone on hand to supervise, which can allow the parents to enjoy themselves more freely.

Texas Old Town Is Excited To Host You And Your Guests On Your Wedding Day

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