Things You Can Do To Make The Most Of Your Rehearsal Dinner

Professional Photo By: Rob August Photography

The rehearsal dinner holds an interesting place in your overall wedding experience. In one sense, this is your last chance to see you partner, and be around guests, without your energy being directed towards your wedding day. In another sense, this dinner could be seen as the first part of part of your overall wedding experience. No matter how you see it, you should recognize that your rehearsal dinner can be more than a formality. This is a chance to celebrate your love with a smaller group of people, make out of town guests feel welcome, and relax before your important day. In addition to serving as an ideal wedding location, Texas Old Town can also host your rehearsal dinner.

Considering Your Options For What To Serve During Your Rehearsal Dinner

Finding the right food choices for your rehearsal dinner can be less stressful than selecting what you should serve for your wedding reception. After all, you are tasked with feeding a small number of people. When you consider that your guests at your rehearsal are also joining you for your reception meal, you may want to provide some degree of variety, or contrast. For instance, if you plan to offer up something fancy at your reception, a laid-back meal can be well-suited to your rehearsal. You can also contrast a heavy meal with something lighter the night before.

Who Should You Invite To Join You At Your Dinner?

Your wedding party, after taking part in the rehearsal itself, will of course be joining you for dinner. You can also welcome close family members to this gathering. Another group to consider inviting is your guests who are traveling to be there for your special day. Couples often take these guests out, or invite them to the rehearsal, as an unofficial thanks for their traveling to be in attendance.

We Can Host Your Rehearsal Dinner!

Planning your rehearsal dinner at Texas Old Town offers one big benefit – convenience. After all, you already plan to be at the venue to go through your rehearsal, this eliminates the need to arrange travel to a separate location. You can also find that the rehearsal dinner is easy to plan and arrange when you have ready access to our spacious, accommodating indoor venue settings.

Planning Your Rehearsal Dinner At Texas Old Town

You can plan a wonderful rehearsal dinner at Texas Old Town. This arrangement allows you to gather everyone together onsite, and enjoy a nice meal together before your big day. Our venues also welcome individuals who are looking for a location to host a corporate event, or other special event. To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, you can call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.