Tips To Help You With Your Invitations And Save-The-Dates

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

You may want to think of your invitations and save-the-dates as “previews” of your wedding. You can show off your wedding colors, let people know what kind of attire to wear, and – for plated dinners – let people know what their dining options are. Of course, this is in addition to giving everyone important event details about when and where your wedding will be! While your event’s date, time, and location are crucial, you may wonder what else you should include in your invitations. You can also have some understandable questions about why you need save-the-dates when you have invitations. 

Why Do People Send Both Save-The-Dates And Invitations?

If you have invitations on their way, what do you gain by creating and sending (and also paying for) your save-the-dates? A save-the-date is used to make sure people have the easiest time possible being present on your selected wedding date. While an invitation gives people time to respond, this early notice can make it easier to ensure people know not to plan anything around your date. You should supply people with a date and general location, but you can save specific details like event time and location for your invitation.

Information You Should Definitely Include In Your Invitations And Save-The-Dates

Save-the-dates are just making note of when your wedding is being held, and where it will take place. With your invitations, you need to provide specifics like the time your event starts, when seating begins, and the address of your venue. In other words, you want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to show up. You can also indicate the formality of your event by specifying your preference for how people dress. You can keep this line simple – “black tie preferred,” or “casual dress welcome” can say plenty for what you want from everyone.

Information You Can Leave For Your Wedding Website

Your wedding website allows you to address matters you may prefer to leave out of your invitations. One thing you can do on your wedding website is share information about your gift registry. Making note of where you are registered on your invitations can feel tacky to guests, but you should feel free to bring it up on your website. You can also use your website to share the story of how you and your partner met, and include fun images – like pictures from your engagement photo shoot – for visitors to enjoy.

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