What To Consider When Picking Menswear For The Wedding

Professional Photo By: T Walker Photography

Few moments in wedding planning feel as significant as shopping for the bridal gown. Your choice of dress is an important one, and you can count on capturing the attention of your guests when you start your walk down the aisle. Of course, as important as it is, this is not the only fashion choice you need to make for your wedding. You also need to put some thought into what the groom, and groomsmen, will wear. While the tuxedo is still a popular and traditional choice, you can explore different options to see what best suits your occasion.

The Guys Should Be As Formal As The Women, And The Wedding Itself

For a classic, formal wedding, people can expect to see the groom and groomsmen sporting tuxedos. What happens if you want to embrace a rustic theme, and welcome everyone to a DIY wedding? How should you approach an event that is meant to be less formal in general? Picture men’s attire as being measured like settings on a dial. You want that dial to match the event itself. If you want to keep to a simple charm for your wedding esthetic, a more relaxed outfit can be what is best for the occasion.

Think About The Season When Making Your Decisions

Comfort is not the only matter worth considering – your goal should be to have everyone look their best while they stand at the altar. With that said, the guys in your wedding can appreciate weather-friendly clothing choices. A relaxed wedding look can make a spring or summer wedding more comfortable, as you can opt for vest instead of coats to keep a look stylish, but more familiar. Cooler months can be a great time for a more formal wedding, as the groom and groomsmen are more likely to have warmer attire while walking down the aisle. This is one of several surprising advantages from having a wedding outside the typical wedding season. You can also see stunning changes to the landscape, and marvel at the way the time of year can impact the look and colors of our Texas Hill Country surroundings.

Distinguishing The Groom From The Groomsmen

One issue will need to be addressed for formal and informal attire – you need to find a way to distinguish the groom from the groomsmen. A simple variation in color can accomplish this. For instance, your groom can wear a white tuxedo jacket, while the groomsmen wear black. If your outfits are more basic, a different vest or tie color can create the appropriate separation in style.

Texas Old Town Can Provide The Perfect Setting For Your Preferred Wedding Experience

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