Month: March 2019

Finding The Right Space For Your Intimate Wedding

While people can host large wedding parties, many brides prefer the idea of an intimate celebration. You may feel that a smaller gathering of people you feel close to can make the day feel more special. It can also be easier for you to interact with everyone when you keep your guest list short. Texas… Read more »

Do We Need To Take Our Honeymoon Right After Our Wedding?

The end of your wedding will not mark the end of your efforts to celebrate your decision to marry your partner. After all, you could be moving straight from your celebration to your honeymoon, where you can enjoy some much-deserved rest and relaxation. While many people choose to keep their honeymoon as close to their… Read more »

Using Online Tools To Help You With Your Wedding Planning

Our reliance on modern online tools has changed many different aspects of our lives. Wedding planning has certainly been impacted by technology. While they can certainly feel universal today, the wedding website is still a relatively new aspect of wedding planning. With that said, you may have some uncertainty around what you should do with… Read more »

Making Sure Your Wedding Guests Have All The Info They Need

Some information is just too important to leave out of your wedding invitations. For obvious reasons, you want to make the date, time, and address of your wedding as clear as possible when you have your invitations created. You can also include some idea of what guests should wear, and a card for sending their… Read more »

Smart Style Tips To Help You Plan Your Bridesmaids’ Looks

You can greatly appreciate having your bridesmaids at your side during your wedding ceremony. You can also appreciate all of the support they provide you throughout the process of planning your special day. Of course, you have something important that you do for them – you have to make important style decisions for the people… Read more »

We Have Some Smart Tips To Help You Plan Your Bar Service

There are many important details you will want to address as you prepare for your wedding day. People will certainly notice the look of your ceremony and reception, they can appreciate the food (particularly the dessert), and they can ooh and aah over you and your amazing bridal gown. Of course, when it comes to… Read more »

Is A Daytime Wedding Something You Should Consider?

While people commonly plan to host a wedding during the evening, you can find that a daytime wedding inspires creative choices, and provides surprising advantages. Of course, one benefit to your daytime wedding at one of our outdoor ceremony spaces is that you have ample light for everyone to enjoy the surrounding beauty of Texas… Read more »

Smart Tips To Keep You Organized While Planning Your Wedding

On the day of your wedding, you can see all of your planning efforts pay off as you celebrate your ceremony and reception in a gorgeous venue. As exciting as it can be to look forward to the results of your efforts, the planning period itself can occasionally feel overwhelming. What can you do to… Read more »

Planning Music And Other Entertainment For Your Reception

Having a professional music presence can offer important advantages for your wedding. Your DJ, or the leader of your wedding band, can inform guests when reception events are about to begin. A live musician is also able to read a room, and recognize when to change up the tempo of the room with the right… Read more »

Should I Offer More Than Just Wedding Cake For Dessert?

As it stands tall on your dessert table, your guests will have an easy time spotting your wedding cake. A beautifully decorated cake can be attractive, and it can help you end your night on a particularly sweet note. Of course, even a towering tiered cake can only hold so many slices, and you want… Read more »