3 Tips To Keep You More Comfortable During Your Wedding

Professional Photo By: Pine and Blossom Photography

While your wedding day can be exciting, and full of joy, it can feel overwhelming at times. Your day may start early, as you and your bridesmaids prepare yourselves for your ceremony. After an emotional moment at the altar, you will have many friends and family members ready to congratulate you on your special day. These experiences can be special, but they may become taxing if you never take small moments for yourself. When you plan the day of your wedding, planning for your own comfort can help you make the most of your celebration.

1. Consider Switching Shoes Between Your Ceremony And Your Reception

The perfect shoes for your walk down the aisle can become uncomfortable when you move about your reception greeting guests, and when you try to dance. Brides who are worried about their footwear can quickly change shoes between the ceremony and reception, and end the night with a more comfortable pair. If you plan on doing this, just remember that the height of your shoes can affect the way your dress sits, and could potentially allow it to drag on the floor.

2. A First Look Can Mean More Time To Unwind Before Your Reception Begins

Scheduling a first look before your wedding starts can reduce the number of pictures you are expected to take between your ceremony and your reception. You can arrange to have your wedding photographer take you and your partner aside just before the ceremony begins and capture great images. This can give you a little extra time to prepare for everyone’s entrance at the reception, so you do not feel rushed. Because the amenities at Texas Old Town include access to our bridal suite and groom’s suite, you can have an easy time dressing and being ready for these pictures at the site.

3. Make Time For Snacks During Your Wedding Day Preparations

When you include your time spent preparing for your ceremony, you can appreciate just how long your wedding day will be. While it can be tough to set aside time for a proper meal, make sure you have time to snack during the day. This can protect you against hunger-related issues like irritability and discomfort. Providing fun treats for your bridesmaids with your snacks can also make getting ready more fun for them, too.

Texas Old Town Can Give You A Wonderful Space For Your Wedding Day Celebrations!

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