Do We Need To Take Our Honeymoon Right After Our Wedding?

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The end of your wedding will not mark the end of your efforts to celebrate your decision to marry your partner. After all, you could be moving straight from your celebration to your honeymoon, where you can enjoy some much-deserved rest and relaxation. While many people choose to keep their honeymoon as close to their wedding event as possible, you might hesitate to go through with this plan. You can certainly put some distance between your wedding celebration, and your honeymoon. In fact, the extra space can give you time to breathe, and offer up more time to handle basic post-wedding activities, like opening and storing your wedding gifts.

Why Some Couples Choose To Put Space Between Their Wedding And Their Honeymoon

One reason you might choose to delay your honeymoon slightly is that, simply put, you are not ready to take on another big adventure so soon after your wedding. You may want a few days, or a few weeks, to unwind, and let the stress of wedding planning slide off your shoulders before you travel. You can also decide to move your honeymoon date back because you feel it is not the right time of year for your destination. If you are planning outdoor activities, but you host a winter wedding, you can certainly hold off on your trip until the weather warms.

Can We Ask Our Guests To Help Us Pay For Our Honeymoon?

Setting up a Honeyfund, or asking for honeymoon-specific gifts on your wedding registry, are certainly permissible choices. In fact, you might find that by asking for gifts that impact your honeymoon, you can create some variety in your registry. This can be especially helpful if you and your partner already live together, and are less interested in the kind of homemaking gift items that typically fill up a registry.

An Easier Wedding Planning Experience Can Give You More Time To Plan Your Honeymoon

You may find yourself wondering how you are supposed to spare a moment for honeymoon planning when wedding planning, work, and other matters are already filling up your schedule. Texas Old Town can make the wedding planning part of your life easier when you purchase our All-Inclusive Wedding Package, which makes arrangements for your special day that are based on your wedding vision. You can rely on experts we work with to arrange things your way, and show up on the day of your wedding with everything ready for you!

Before Your Honeymoon, Enjoy A Beautiful Wedding Experience At Texas Old Town!

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