Picking, And Working With, Your Maid Or Matron Of Honor

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The person you select to serve as your maid or matron of honor can provide meaningful support throughout your wedding planning efforts. They can assist in hosting your bridal shower, and take the lead in arranging your bachelorette party. Your maid or matron of honor will also have important unofficial responsibilities – as the person you feel especially close to, they can help you make tough decisions, manage wedding stress, and act as a sounding board for your frustrations. While you obviously want to select someone you are close with, you should also look for someone you feel will be up to these responsibilities.

Who Should You Select To Stand By Your Side At The Altar?

A best friend or family member will typically take on the maid or matron of honor role. While some people can have an obvious choice, others face a more complicated decision. You may have several sisters you are close with, for instance, or you may have a group of childhood friends who are still in your life. There is no rule that says you have to select one individual for this role – for instance, a younger and older sister might be asked to split the position. If you are trying to appoint a single person, reflect on who will be most comfortable helping you with wedding planning, and who will be available to offer the most support.

Relying On Your Maid Or Matron Of Honor For Important Support During Wedding Planning

Your maid or matron of honor is expected to take on some pre-wedding events. While the mothers of the bride and groom often take on the planning of your bridal shower, your maid/matron of honor can assist. In some cases, they can also take the lead in planning. The person next to you at the altar also takes the lead in planning your bachelorette party. While it may be tempting to make your own plans, you should trust that your maid or matron of honor will know you well enough to plan something you will love.

How Will Your Other Bridesmaids Fit Into Your Pre-Wedding Activities?

Your bridesmaids will be present at pre-wedding activities, and of course they will be on hand for your wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. They can also help keep your spirits up when planning feels especially demanding. If you are planning on making DIY wedding decorations, you may want to invite them to a special decorating event.

You Can Be Thrilled To Stand At The Altar During Your Beautiful Texas Old Town Wedding!

When you stand at the altar with your bridesmaids, your maid or matron of honor, and – of course – your groom, you can marvel at how lovely your Texas Old Town wedding truly is! We are proud to offer couples the chance to celebrate their love while surrounded by the natural beauty found in Texas Hill Country. To make arrangements for a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, you can call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.