Planning Music And Other Entertainment For Your Reception

Professional Photo By: Nicole Chatham Photography

Having a professional music presence can offer important advantages for your wedding. Your DJ, or the leader of your wedding band, can inform guests when reception events are about to begin. A live musician is also able to read a room, and recognize when to change up the tempo of the room with the right song. A successful wedding reception is about more than just music, of course. You can offer great food in a lovely setting, meet with your guests, and celebrate your relationship. Of course, you can count on a successful evening when you have access to one of our accommodating reception areas, and the support of our amenities.

Should I Use Live Musicians For My Reception, Or A DJ?

If you are having trouble deciding whether you should select a DJ for your reception, or a live band, think about how your music will fit into your larger plans. If you host a more formal wedding, and want to add something extra to your celebration, live music can help make your reception more unique. If you want to enjoy a lively event with a busy dance floor, your DJ can keep popular songs in the rotation, and encourage guests to make the most of their night out. Texas Old Town’s vendor list can help you find the right professional for your music needs.

Keeping Up With Your Reception Traditions

While your reception can be relatively relaxed, you should plan your event with enough detail to make time for certain traditional moments. Some advanced planning allows you to celebrate events like the bouquet toss, and the first dance, without confusion or delay. Of course, these details are not the only plans you should make. If you serve your reception dinner buffet style, you should have a plan for when the different groups of your guests should go and make their plates.

Planning Other Activities To Keep Your Reception Lively

You can go beyond dinner, drinks, and dancing as you plan your wedding reception! Setting up other fun activities, like a photo booth, can be appreciated by your guests. If you want to keep kids at your wedding in good spirits, you may want to create a special games table where they can enjoy puzzles, coloring books, or other age-appropriate activities.

Celebrate Your Love During A Wonderful Texas Old Town Reception!

Your wedding ceremony and reception events at Texas Old Town can feel truly magical! We provide accommodating spaces, and the kind of amenities that give you confidence that your special day will be a success! We are proud to serve as a premiere Austin wedding venue, and we welcome those interested in hosting a corporate event or other special event. To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.