Should I Offer More Than Just Wedding Cake For Dessert?

Professional Photo By: Tiffany Hofeldt Photography

As it stands tall on your dessert table, your guests will have an easy time spotting your wedding cake. A beautifully decorated cake can be attractive, and it can help you end your night on a particularly sweet note. Of course, even a towering tiered cake can only hold so many slices, and you want to make sure everyone at your wedding reception enjoys dessert. With that in mind, should you plan to offer more than just cake on your special day? You can find that adding alternative treats by including a groom’s cake, or other additional desserts, will be well received by guests.

Fun Dessert Alternatives You Can Offer At Your Reception

You can add variety to your dessert table when you offer an assortment of sweets. You can lay out an array of treats as a sort of “dessert bar,” which can include pastries, cookies, and other items that can complement the meal you provide. This can give people a wider range of flavors – with many different options, you can satisfy people who want something fruity, and those who prefer something with chocolate.

Should We Include A Groom’s Cake At Our Wedding?

The groom’s cake has become a familiar feature at weddings. Your groom will have the opportunity to show off his personal interests, and select a favorite cake flavor, with this dessert. While this dessert can feature a more traditional appearance, many grooms take the opportunity to plan a cake that is designed to showcase their interests, or their personality. You can provide this if you and your groom have different preferences on dessert flavors, if you want your guests to have more than one type of cake to choose from, or if you just love the idea of giving your groom the chance to show off a little more of his personality in your reception.

More Tips To Help You Plan Your Dessert Options

Arranging the right desserts for your reception will be an important task. Even if you only plan to provide a tiered cake, you will need to find a cake large enough for everyone, select a decoration that fits with the look of your reception area, and ensure it arrives in good condition. If you are worried about the cost of a tiered cake large enough to feed a large wedding, consider ordering a smaller tiered cake, and using sheet cakes to provide the rest of the slices. If you want to provide fun alternative dessert options along with your cake, you should still plan to have enough cake so that everyone has the chance to try it. When you give your dessert options the attention they deserve, you can ensure your evening ends on a high note!

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