Smart Suggestions You Can Use To Plan A Formal Wedding Event

Professional Photo By: Alaa Marzouk Photography

While weddings are traditionally formal affairs, some couples choose to keep their special day casual. Because these relaxed celebrations have become more common, people may lower their expectations for what to expect at your wedding. If you want to exchange vows in a more formal atmosphere, there are steps you can take to make sure people know what to expect. You can give subtle hints about what to expect when you design your invitations, and plan your reception entertainment, but straightforward information can be important. In addition to giving you a beautiful space to celebrate a formal wedding, Texas Old Town can offer planning support from our All-Inclusive Wedding Package.

Sharing Your Preferred Dress Code With Your Guests

Yes, you should be able to count on your guests understanding the need to dress up for a wedding. However, they may be unclear on how to best present match the atmosphere of your ideal wedding. Including a comment like “black tie” or “formal attire requested” in your invitations can help set the right tone. Some of your guests can still have questions about this – communicate your preferences with close friends and family, so they can field questions from other guests.

Selecting The Right Date For A Formal Wedding

While you can certainly celebrate a formal wedding at any time of year, a winter wedding can be an ideal time for a fancier gathering. Winter’s seasonal colors tend to be more elegant, and muted, so they can work particularly well as your wedding colors. The weather itself can provide a practical upside. Formal dress wear can feature layers – think shawls and wraps for women, and jackets for men – that keep people warm, so nicer attire can be more comfortable.

We Can Help Ensure Everything Is In Place For Your Formal Wedding Event

A formal wedding affair can offer you a chance at a wonderful celebration, but it can also feel challenging to plan. If you want to make sure you have the right decorations and support, you can count on support from our All-Inclusive Wedding Package. You can describe your plans for your wedding, and rely on experts to execute those desires. This gives you the opportunity to arrive on the day of your wedding with everything in place, and ready for your special day!

Texas Old Town Can Be The Ideal Setting For Your Wedding

The venues at Texas Old Town can serve as ideal locations for formal wedding events, and casual affairs! You can use the Texas Hill Country landscape for a beautiful ceremony, and our reception spaces can give you the setting you need to celebrate your night in style. To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.