Using Online Tools To Help You With Your Wedding Planning

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Our reliance on modern online tools has changed many different aspects of our lives. Wedding planning has certainly been impacted by technology. While they can certainly feel universal today, the wedding website is still a relatively new aspect of wedding planning. With that said, you may have some uncertainty around what you should do with your website, or with the other online resources available to you. While it can be tempting to lean on the convenience of paperless digital wedding planning options, remember that some people can have a harder time using them. You can also find that online invitations and RSVPs can feel less formal, which may put them at odds with your overall wedding vision.

What Should I Do With My Wedding Website?

Your wedding website provides you with a space to share the details of your relationship with your partner, and introduce the people in your wedding party. It can also give you a place to leave information and links for your wedding registry. One thing you might want to consider is how your wedding website can give people information that is not appropriate for your invitation. Your registry details fall under that category. You can also expand on information from the invite. For example, while you may list something like “relaxed attire welcome” or “cocktail attire preferred” on your invitations, you can offer a more detailed breakdown of wedding attire preferences on your website.

Should I Rely On Online Invites And RSVPs?

Online invitations can be seen as less formal than physical invites. If your wedding day is meant to be a relaxed occasion, you can find that online invites work well for you, and they can be easier for your guests to respond to. For a more formal event, people can expect to receive a physical invitation. While online RSVP tools are available, be prepared for at least a few of your guests to have questions on how to use them properly.

Using Online Planning Tools Instead Of A Physical Wedding Binder

Our All-Inclusive Wedding Package can take many of the wedding planning responsibilities off of your shoulders. Of course, even when you rely on us for support, there can be details you still need to track. Having a physical binder to hold information given to you can be useful, and it can help you prevent a buildup of wedding-related clutter. Of course, if you prefer to do your planning with online tools, using a format you are already comfortable with can make life easier as you make efforts to prepare for your special day.

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