We Have Some Smart Tips To Help You Plan Your Bar Service

Professional Photo By: T Walker Photography

There are many important details you will want to address as you prepare for your wedding day. People will certainly notice the look of your ceremony and reception, they can appreciate the food (particularly the dessert), and they can ooh and aah over you and your amazing bridal gown. Of course, when it comes to a successful reception, you can find that guests are particularly interested in what you offer up at your bar. If you want to keep your guests in good spirits, the right drink options can help you. With some smart planning and budgeting, you can make sure your guests enjoy excellent bar service.

Making Sure The Basics Are Available

Beer and wine (and champagne, if you plan a toast) can be your most dependable drink options at your wedding. Mixed drinks can be popular as well, though you should keep in mind that more options at the bar can give people pause, and result in delays. As you search for beverages, you can look into special offers from liquor stores concerning wedding-related purchases. You should also look into a store’s return policies, in case you end the night with more bottles than you anticipate.

Providing Drinks That Fit Your Reception Theme, And Your Food

When you think about your drink options, consider what people might want to pair with the food you plan to cater. For instance, if you are serving some kind of seafood, you may have more people interested in white wine. A beef entree can encourage more people to pick up a glass of something red. This kind of calculation can help you make sure you have enough of what people might enjoy!

Think About The Impact The Weather Might Have On Everyone’s Drink Preferences

The choices people make concerning your drink options can be affected by their preferences, the food you serve, and the temperature outside. If you plan a winter wedding, you may want to take care to provide mixed drinks that have a warming effect. This is a guideline that can apply to more than just your alcoholic beverages. If your guests are departing your reception and entering a chilly winter evening, offering hot cocoa or coffee at the end of your event can be a well-received gesture!

You’ll Happily Raise A Glass To Celebrate Your Wonderful Texas Old Town Wedding!

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