Who Should Accompany You During Dress Shopping?

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Dress shopping will be one of the most exciting parts of your early wedding planning efforts. After all, it can be hard NOT to look forward to that special moment where you find the perfect gown for your wedding day. Before you begin, make sure your budget is set, and look into your dress options to find a preferred style. You should also consider who you want with you as you search for dresses. You may be tempted to welcome your entire bridal party, but you may find that shopping is easier and more pleasant with a more intimate group.

Planning Your Dress Shopping Experience

Before you plan your shopping trips, determine who you want with you. Limiting the people who join you will reduce the number of opinions, and potential disagreements, you have to address while you try on dresses. You may want to limit yourself to two or three close friends and/or family members.

Picking who joins you is only one of several smart steps you should take before dress shopping. Take time to figure out what portion of your wedding budget you can extend towards picking a dress. Once you have this number, avoid trying on dresses that are too expensive, as you may talk yourself into something you are unable to afford! You can also take time before you shop to look at popular styles and trends. Knowing what you want from your dress will help you communicate your preferences at a bridal boutique or shop, which will make it easier for staff to help you.

Picking A Dress That Makes You Truly Excited

Because you are likely going to need your wedding dress altered, you should start the shopping process relatively early in your wedding planning. This gives you more time to arrange any needed changes to the dress – ideally, you should have time for a second set of alterations, in case further adjustments are needed. Taking extra time is also important because you give yourself a longer period of time to look for your perfect gown. After all, this is your one chance to walk the aisle, so you should make sure you are as thrilled as possible with what you wear!

Other Pre-Wedding Tasks Where Your Wedding Party Can Help You

Your full bridal party may be more than you want on hand for your dress shopping experience, but they can help in other meaningful ways. If you are planning a DIY wedding event, your bridesmaids can join you for a “crafting party” where you create decorations for your wedding ceremony and reception. Remember that your bridesmaids have a special event of their own where you can all celebrate together – your bachelorette party! They may not be present for everything, but this event gives you all a chance to bond and blow off wedding planning steam before the big day.

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