Deciding Between Online Or Physical Wedding Invitations

Professional Photo By: Piko Piko Photography

As exciting as it is to tell everyone about your wedding day, the idea of creating and sending out invitations can feel more stressful than joyful. Producing your invitations comes after another particularly tough task – determining who you want to attend your special day. On top of selecting the right look for your invitations, you will need to make sure all of the information guests need is present, and accurate. On top of this, modern couples have to decide whether they should use traditional physical cards, or if they should email their invitations to their guests. While it can be easier to do everything online, this can be interpreted as less thoughtful by some guests, and may make your wedding event feel less formal.

Online Invitations Can Be Convenient, But Physical Invitations Can Feel More Formal

Invitations over email allow you to avoid postage costs, and the labor of addressing envelopes. Because your younger guests can be more comfortable with online correspondence, it can also feel like a natural choice that many guests will appreciate. With that said, online invitations can be less well received by guests who are more traditional, or less comfortable with technology. It should also be noted that if you want to host a formal wedding, all of your guests can expect your invitations to look more formal. Even if they are elaborately designed, online cards can lack the formality you want for your celebration, and send a mixed message regarding what everyone should expect from it.

Creating The Right Design For Your Invitations

Whether they are physical or online, you should put time and effort into crafting the right look for your invitations. You can feature your wedding colors in your design, and give people a preview of your wedding day decoration plans. You can also incorporate images like your engagement photos to personalize your message to your friends and family members. One thing to remember is that while the appearance of your invitation matters, clarity is crucial – choose text that people can easily read, and make sure the location, date, and time of your wedding are prominently featured.

Making Arrangements To Send Save-The-Dates And Thank-You Cards

Invitations are important, but they are not the only thing to send to your guests. Save-the-dates are less official than your invitations, and they can be sent out before all details of your event are finalized. These cards let your guests know the date and city where your wedding will be, so that they know to keep the date open on their schedules. You should also be prepared to send out thank-you notes for the gifts you receive. These should be personalized with messages that reference the gift received, to best express your appreciation.

Your Invitations Can Welcome Guests To A Beautiful Texas Old Town Wedding!

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