Deciding On Your Vows, And Other Major Ceremony Decisions

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What will you and your partner say to each other when you meet at the altar? For couples who prefer to recite traditional wedding vows, this is a question with an easy answer. However, you may be eager to recite something unique. After all, this does give you the opportunity to express to everyone exactly what your partner means to you. As you plan your wedding ceremony, you can run into several important questions that can affect how you experience this part of your larger celebration. No matter what you select, you can count on your Texas Old Town venue to provide you with a gorgeous setting to say “I do” to the person you love!

Should You Choose Custom Or Traditional Vows?

If you want to keep your wedding experience traditional, then the traditional vows are likely the most appropriate for you. With that said, you may prefer to look for something more modern, or something that feels more specific to your relationship. Your custom vows do not have to be long, but they should focus on that keyword vows. As you write out what you want to say, focus on the promises you feel you should make to your partner. You can add additional details, but this is an important component for what you recite.

Creating The Right Look For Your Ceremony

Your outdoor ceremony can look absolutely stunning, thanks to the Texas Hill Country surroundings. When you think about adding decorations, remember that the time of year when your wedding takes place can affect your setting. A fall or winter wedding can offer a different kind of loveliness than you might receive from a spring or summer celebration. You can also let the splendor of your surroundings work for you by only adding modest touches. Dressing up your aisles, and using decorations to frame your altar, can be all you need for your special occasion.

Other Big Decisions That Shape Your Ceremony

When it comes to preparing for your ceremony, your wedding rehearsal can be critical. This gives you a time to work out with your ushers how they will bring everyone to their seats, as well as a chance to run through your procession. Make sure everyone who is part of your ceremony will be available for this practice run. You should also consider how you want the rings delivered. If you are having a child-free wedding, and have no plans for a flower girl or ring bearer, you will need to coordinate with the best man on holding and handing over the wedding bands. In fact, you may prefer to give the bands to your best man even if you do have a ring bearer, and give the youngster in your wedding artificial rings to carry.

Texas Old Town Is Ready To Provide You With A Beautiful Ceremony Experience!

Texas Old Town provides couples who want to have a terrific Austin wedding experience with beautiful ceremony and reception spaces, as well as great amenities to make these events easier to manage! To arrange a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.