How Do I Determine Which Guests Should Receive A Plus-One?

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While it might be easy to just extend a plus-one to all of your wedding guests, you may be unable to do so for a number of reasons. You may be at risk for going over the number of guests you can fit into your venue space, or you could have a hard time budgeting for a scenario where all of your unattached friends and family members bring dates. Even though it can feel awkward to ask someone not to bring a date, it could be what is best for your wedding celebration.

Individuals With A Spouse Or Close Significant Other Can Reasonably Expect To Bring Their Partners

Your married guests, and those guests who are in serious, long-term relationships, can reasonably assume that their partners are also welcome. In fact, you should plan to include both names on an invitation to a married or committed couple. This does not mean every couple will show up together. If your wedding is a child-free affair, one person may stay home and watch their children, while the other attends your event. With that said, you should be ready to welcome both people, meaning you should make sure all of your planning efforts account for them showing up together.

Deciding On Plus-Ones For Single Guests, And Those With Recent Relationships

If you have limited wiggle room in your guest list, or your budget, you can forgo plus-ones for guests who are single. These guests may be disappointed, but in most cases, the people you invite will know at least a few of your other guests, so they will not feel alone at your wedding. Guests who are in more recent relationships can create some uncertainty. If someone is in a new relationship, and you have not met their partner, you can feel more comfortable with asking only the person you know to attend. If you have met their partner, it can be awkward to leave them off your guest list.

Other Factors To Consider When Creating Your Guest List

Finalizing your guest list can be difficult, especially when you want to keep your wedding small and intimate. You and your partner will need to decide whether you want to allow guests to bring children, and how to make tough decisions about who is left off your list. If you are struggling to shrink your guest list to an appropriate size, setting a few mutually agreed upon qualifications can help you make your final decisions.

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