How Your Color Choices Contribute To Your Wedding Look

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Your wedding colors can be prominently featured throughout your wedding, or used sparingly to create a subtler, more formal atmosphere. As with any decision when it comes to creating the right look for your wedding, the way you approach color will matter. While bolder, contrasting colors can be vivid and fun, a muted approach can give your celebration an elegant feeling that you can appreciate. Because the venues we offer couples are accommodating, and take advantage of the area’s surrounding natural beauty, you can enjoy success working with a wide range of color choices.

Picking Colors That Fit The Season When Your Wedding Takes Place

Sometimes, the question of when your wedding will take place can affect important style decisions. The seasons can inspire your color options in more ways than you might expect. Of course, you can lean towards colors that seem to suit the time of year – for instance, you can use red or orange hues that connect with changing leaves during fall, or rely on sunny colors for a summer wedding. While many couples lean into the season, others try to create some contrast. If you want people to feel like they have an escape from chilly weather, use warmer tones at your winter wedding to help your event stand out.

Your Color Choices Can Affect The Formality Of Your Event

Brighter, louder hues can be lovely, but they can feel out of place at an event that is meant to be more formal. Adding too many colors, or relying too much on contrast can also make your event feel less elegant. While many couples want to make their wedding feel fancy, keep in mind that these bolder choices can be great for helping people feel at ease during a more intimate wedding experience.

Using Color To Unite The Looks Of The Groom’s Party And Bridal Party

Remember, color should be used for more than just your floral arrangements, and other decorations. You can make your wedding party fit in more nicely with your wedding by giving them touches of colors that fit with your overall scheme. You can make this obvious, by using one of your wedding colors for your bridesmaid dresses, or take a more subtle direction by giving the groomsmen and best man pocket squares or boutonnieres that flash a particular wedding color.

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