Make Arrangements To Greet Your Wedding Guests In Style!

Professional Photo By: Meg Amorette Photography

Even if you are not on hand to meet your guests as they arrive at your wedding, you should make sure preparations are made to greet people in style. You can create signage to say hello to people when they reach your wedding venue, and put your guest book on display, but remember that you can do something else important – create a beautiful ceremony space! Your outdoor wedding venue, with its lovely Texas Hill Country surroundings, can be a breathtaking welcome for all of your guests. Once they have a moment to take in the sight of your celebration, you can rely on your ushers to help them find their seats.

Setting Up Decorations To Welcome Everyone To Your Ceremony

You can make sure your guests know where they need to be by putting out signage welcoming them. While this can be a simple greeting, you can certainly personalize this with a special message. You should also make sure you have an attractive, easy-to-find table with your guest book on display. While guests are happy to leave their names and signatures, you are free to flex a little creativity with your book, too. For instance, you can use an instant camera to encourage guests to leave selfies as a record of their attendance!

Your Ushers Play An Important Role In Starting Your Wedding The Right Way

The time it takes your guests to reach their seats can potentially affect your start time. This can be a problem for any wedding, but it can be an especially noteworthy issue if you have a larger guest list, and need to place more people in your aisles. Your ushers play a significant role in making sure your wedding can start on time. In addition to escorting guests to their seats, they can answer guests’ questions, so people are not left idling, or trying to text you for answers to their concerns!

Should You Provide Drinks Or Snacks For Guests When They Arrive?

While you are not required to supply your guests with snacks or drinks when they arrive, this gesture can certainly be appreciated. This can be especially welcome if your wedding takes place during a warmer day – a refreshing beverage can help people stay cool. If you host an evening wedding, and expect to serve dinner at a later hour, you may want to offer up snacks to keep people from growing too hungry waiting for your reception.

Welcome Your Guests To A Beautiful Texas Old Town Wedding!

Your friends and family will be proud to be on hand to celebrate your wedding. When you host your celebration at Texas Old Town, you can look forward to providing your guests with a lovely time at your ceremony and reception. Our Texas Hill Country setting and supportive amenities can help you make the most of your special day! To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.