Making Preparations If Your Wedding Has A Larger Guest List

Professional Photo By: Wes Atkinson Photography

While some couples try to keep their guest list smaller, to enjoy a more intimate experience, you may be eager to invite more people to join you on your wedding day. There are some challenges that come with a larger guest list. This approach can obviously impact your budget, and you can find it more difficult to efficiently provide dinner, drinks, and dessert to everyone at your reception. On the other hand, your larger guest list means fewer tough choices when it comes to finalizing your guest list, and you can enjoy a livelier celebration. Texas Old Town offers larger venue spaces for weddings that plan to welcome more people.

A Larger Wedding Lets You Welcome More Of The People In Your Life

Opening up your guest list to more people means more friendly faces, and more congratulations, on your wedding day! Couples with larger families can also appreciate having a bigger guest list, as it becomes easier to invite those family members without sacrificing friends on your list. You can still host the style of wedding you prefer. While a larger event can be more impressive (and may require more planning), you can still gather people together for a more relaxed event, or exhibit a DIY spirit during your wedding.

Keeping Your Larger Wedding On Schedule

Sending out more invitations will mean preparing to serve more people during your reception. If you want to keep your event on schedule, you should be prepared to serve people with minimal delays. Setting up a seating chart for a larger wedding might feel tedious, but it can prevent seating delays caused by guests debating which table they should join. You can also rely on servers to deliver plated meals for your reception, to avoid frustration over long lines at buffet tables.

Make Sure You Have Room To Welcome Your Guests

Texas Old Town has larger venue spaces that can accommodate more people, so you can celebrate your larger wedding comfortably! The right space can give you room to meet with your guests during the reception, allow everyone to eat comfortably, and enjoy an inviting dance floor. Of course, you enjoy this convenience while also taking in the surrounding splendor of the Texas Hill Country landscape!

Texas Old Town Can Help You Host A Larger Wedding

Texas Old Town is ready to serve your needs! If you want to host a wedding with a larger guest list, we have spaces that can hold more than three hundred people. We also have space for couples who want to keep their celebration on the small side. We are proud to offer couples a chance to enjoy access to our premiere Austin wedding experience, and we are located conveniently near San Marcos and San Antonio. To arrange a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.