Making Sure Everything Is In Place When Your Wedding Starts

Professional Photo By: Angela Lally Photography

The length of time between your engagement and your ceremony will obviously affect how much time you have to plan your wedding. Of course, no matter how much time you have to prepare for everything, you will need to be ready to put everything in place on the day of your celebration. Because couples have sixteen hours of access to their venue space on their wedding day, you can have more time to make sure all of your decorations are in place, and that your wedding vendors have everything they need. With that said, you should make sure people in your wedding party are prepared to step in to assist in day-of efforts.

Relying On Your Wedding Party Members To Help Before The Ceremony Starts

Your day leading up to your ceremony should be focused on your own preparations. Having your hair and makeup done, making sure you look perfect in your dress, and (if you plan them) taking part in your first look photos should be your priorities. Fortunately, you have your wedding party members ready to step in during your special day. While your bridal party members can also require hair and makeup services, the groom’s party can have more time to help put out drinks for bar service, place centerpieces, and do other jobs that need to be done before your event begins.

Have A Designated Person Oversee The Setup Of Your Ceremony And Reception Spaces

Designating a person, or several people, to oversee wedding preparations can help you keep your mind at ease while you wait for your ceremony to begin. This person can do more than just check on the status of your venue spaces and report back to you. This person can be a go-between for your bridal party and groom’s party, interact with your on-site manager, and even respond to texts and calls on your behalf.

You Can Enjoy Extra Setup And Breakdown Support With An All-Inclusive Wedding Package

If you want to make sure you have great support before, during, and after your wedding, you can enjoy a remarkable amenities package with an All-Inclusive Wedding Package! With this package, you can count on professional support to find vendors, arrange for wedding services, and even take on the setup and breakdown of your reception area!

You Can Put Everything In Place To Enjoy A Wonderful Wedding At Texas Old Town!

Texas Old Town offers support for your wedding day, in addition to wonderful venue spaces for couples who want to enjoy a beautiful Austin wedding experience! We can provide you with the right setting for your ceremony and reception, as well as access to great vendors and on-site support! To arrange your tour at our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.