Relying On The Groom’s Party Before, And During, The Wedding

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The presence of your best man and groomsmen at your wedding will obviously be important to your groom. The guys in your wedding party can also help you, particularly on the wedding day itself. With the exception of the bachelor party, it can seem like the men involved in your wedding have less to do during pre-wedding events. With that said, they can be more available to pitch in and make sure everything goes smoothly during the setup of your ceremony and reception areas while the bridal party prepares to walk down the aisle. Because Texas Old Town provides sixteen hour access to venues as part of our standard amenities package, you have plenty of room to welcome the guys to put on their attire at the site before stepping up to help.

The Groom’s Party Can Be Less Involved During Pre-Wedding Events

Traditionally, the bridal shower and engagement party are not planned by the groom’s party. In fact, the bridal shower is typically only attended by the women invited to your wedding. The pre-wedding event most associated with the groom’s party is, of course, the bachelor party. Your groom will typically give the best man control over planning this event, though he (and the other groomsmen) can certainly offer input. Because it is important to the success of your ceremony, the groom’s party members are obviously expected to be present during your wedding rehearsal.

Selecting Attire For The Best Man And Groomsmen

Your groomsmen and best man should sport attire that is close to what the groom will wear. They should certainly match the groom in terms of formality, and can even wear the same type of suit. Your focus should be on finding a way to distinguish your spouse-to-be from the others – changing the color of their jacket, tie, or vest can help with this.

Relying On The Best Man And Groomsmen During Your Wedding Day

You can count on great support thanks to the standard amenities at Texas Old Town. If you purchase an All-Inclusive Wedding Package, you can receive even more support, particularly during the setup and breakdown of your event spaces. Because they typically need less time to prepare themselves, the members of the groom’s party can be expected to step in and help with preparations. While the bridal party dresses, and each member receives hair and makeup styling, you can ask the groomsmen and best man to oversee the arranging of the bar area, and the setting of decorations.

Everyone Can Have A Wonderful Time At Your Texas Old Town Wedding!

Everyone in your wedding party, and your guests, can be impressed by your Texas Old Town wedding event! You can welcome everyone to share in your celebration while nestled in beautiful Texas Hill Country, and count on great amenities that make wedding preparations easier. To request a date for your tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.