The Right Wedding Look Is About More Than Just Your Dress

Professional Photo By: Pine and Blossom Photography

Finding the perfect gown for your wedding day is an important part of your planning experience. The search for the right dress can even become a sort of intimate pre-wedding event in itself, as you and a few close people browse boutiques and shops together. As exciting as it can be to find that perfect dress, remember that you are not quite done with planning your wedding look. You will need to decide what you should do about your hair and makeup. You also need to figure out what to do for jewelry, and shoes.

Planning Your Hair And Makeup

Brides will typically hire professionals to provide hair and makeup services on the day of the wedding. Before the day itself, you should have a pre-wedding trial session to determine how you would like to style your hair, and what you should do for makeup. After discussing your ideal, your stylist (or stylists, if you hire separate people for hair and makeup tasks) will go to work. Your pre-wedding trial gives you a chance to picture yourself at the ceremony, and it gives the stylist a chance to determine how much time your services will likely take.

What Accessories Should You Wear With Your Dress?

The dress you select should play a significant role in deciding what you want to wear for jewelry. If you have an elegant, less formal dress, more elaborate jewelry can add an extra level of glamour to your appearance. If you wear something more sophisticated, you may want to limit your jewelry options, to let the dress speak for itself.

Selecting Shoes For Your Ceremony (And A Second Pair For Your Reception)

The cut of your dress will obviously have an effect on how many people see the shoes you select for your wedding. With that said, even if your shoes are difficult to see, you should consider something that feels suitable for your gown, and your occasion. One drawback to this is that a more formal shoe might be perfect for your walk down the aisle, but trouble for a long evening at your reception. You can discreetly switch footwear between your ceremony and reception, to make sure you have more support for a night of dancing, and mingling. Make sure both pairs have a similar heel height, as a change in your heel can affect the way your dress looks.

You Can Look Amazing, And Feel Amazing, At Your Texas Old Town Wedding!

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