Tips To Help You Create Your Best Reception Seating Chart

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With the right food options, drinks, and entertainment, you can count on making your wedding reception a big hit with your guests. With that said, the right seating chart can have a big impact on the success of this event. Many of the choices you make can be easy – you can be well aware of friend and family dynamics, which can influence who people are near to, or far from, on your chart. The more challenging question will concern how you mingle people with different relationships to you and your partner. Putting thought into what people might have in common, and which individuals might have conflicts, can help you sort out where everyone should go during your wedding reception.

What Should I Do About Seating My Single Guests?

Married guests, or guests who have a significant other, can be counted on to have at least one person near them they know and like. You can find that seating your single guests may pose a greater challenge. You can be more concerned with having them near people they know, or at least close to people they are likely to quickly bond with. While it can be tempting to play matchmaker while you organize your seating chart, you can save time and energy by just focusing on putting everyone in a position where they have someone friendly to interact with.

How Should We Seat Families?

If you encourage people to bring their children to your wedding, you may have to make some smart adjustments with your seating chart plans. Keeping guests with kids near each other can give the kids other people to interact with, which can reduce their urge to leave their seats and explore the reception area. If you have the space for it, you can even create a fun kids’ table area with an assortment of games, coloring books, and puzzles near the families, giving youngsters a way to stay entertained throughout the evening.

Selecting The Right Seats For The Bride And Groom

While your attention can be grabbed by where everyone else should sit, you need to give special attention to the placement of a particularly important couple. In other words, you should put some real thought into where you and your partner sit during your reception! If you want to feel more involved with everyone, you may want to set up a table with the two of you, plus your parents, or with your best man, your maid of honor, and their guests. If you want to give yourself a little space to enjoy each other’s company’s, a sweetheart table can be a better option.

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