Month: May 2019

Check Out Keeley And Nick’s Amazing Wedding!

Texas Old Town recently hosted a magnificent wedding event for Keeley and Nick, who exchanged vows and celebrated with their loved ones in our Stone Hall venue. We always love being the setting for a couple’s special day, and we were certainly glad to be there for these two as they went through the steps… Read more »

3 Tips To Help You Stay In Your Wedding Budget

Even a small, modest wedding can come with serious costs. When you start to plan your special day, you and your partner should identify your wedding budget as soon as possible, so you can work your plans around this figure. Trying to decide what your budget should be after committing to different expenses, or making… Read more »

Can We Plan Our Registry Around Our Honeymoon?

When couples are preparing to start their married lives, they traditionally have a number of helpful gifts from their registry to fill their home. Many people still believe that a registry needs to contain the sort of household goods you will need to create a home with your partner. Of course, these items are not… Read more »

How Much Effort Should We Put Into Planning Our First Dance?

Before you open up the floor to your guests, it is customary for you and your partner to have your first dance at the reception. For some couples, this is a fun opportunity to show off, and a chance to do something truly memorable. For others, this tradition can be more intimidating than exciting. How… Read more »

Tips To Help You Stock The Bar At Your Wedding

While your guests can certainly be glad to find a well-stocked bar at your wedding reception, the task of setting up your bar service may feel challenging. While Texas Old Town provides you with a designated vendor for your bar service, you will need to make plans around what to serve, and how much you… Read more »

Making Time For A First Look Photo Session

A first look photo shoot makes it possible to document that special moment where the bride reveals herself in her dress to her partner. Traditionally, that moment takes place during the wedding ceremony. However, with a first look, you can make sure it is clearly documented. Of course, this session has other benefits. By taking… Read more »

Pursuing Nontraditional Wedding Ideas

Following wedding traditions can make your special day easier to plan. After all, when you work around the familiar elements of wedding ceremonies and receptions, you can find that vendors are prepared to address what interests you. It can also be easier for you to prepare simply because you know what you are looking for…. Read more »

Keeping Everyone Entertained At Your Reception

Your reception event wraps up your wedding – the night itself, and all of your efforts to plan your event. As you work out the details of this celebration, you can look forward to hosting a night filled with tasty food, refreshing drinks, and enough entertainment to keep spirits high until your night comes to… Read more »

Don’t Overlook The Importance Of Your Wedding Rehearsal

The day before your wedding can be full of anticipation and excitement, but this is not a day where you can simply step back and wait for your wedding day to arrive. After all, the evening before your celebration is typically when the wedding rehearsal takes place, and you should be prepared to make the… Read more »

Arranging The Details Of Your Reception Meal

After a lovely ceremony, and the opportunity to celebrate your love with your partner, you can unwind with a terrific wedding reception experience. The reception is your chance to interact with your guests, thank everyone for their support, and watch as so much event planning pays off in the form of a wonderful evening. While… Read more »