3 Tips To Help You Stay In Your Wedding Budget

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

Even a small, modest wedding can come with serious costs. When you start to plan your special day, you and your partner should identify your wedding budget as soon as possible, so you can work your plans around this figure. Trying to decide what your budget should be after committing to different expenses, or making choices that test your financial limits, can make your entire planning effort more difficult! Because we give you sixteen hours of access to your venue, and your own suites to prepare on your special day, you can limit costs associated with day-of preparations. You can also look for ways to save, while also exercising your creative muscles, when you take on DIY projects.

1. Be Prepared For Unexpected Expenses

When you set your budget for your wedding, make sure you treat that number like a ceiling, and not a finish line. Unfortunately, most people will run into at least a few unplanned expenses during planning, and you may find yourself with additional costs close to your wedding date. Even if unexpected costs do not arise, you should make sure you are ready – just in case. With that said, you can make sure your planning efforts are professionally managed when you take advantage of our All-Inclusive Wedding Package, which provides you with professional help in all aspects of your wedding preparations.

2. Stay In Communication With Your Partner

Both you and your partner should be aware of all the costs associated with planning and preparing for your wedding. If the lines of communication are not clear, one person may be unaware of what the other is committing to financially, which can compromise your budget goals. Even seemingly small commitments, like the cost of a groom’s tuxedo rental, should be recorded.

3. Look For Cost-Friendly DIY Projects

Are you hoping to have a unique wedding experience, while managing your budget? With the right DIY projects, you can create a special look for your celebration that will feel distinct from other events. When you acquire materials to make decorations yourself, you can limit your overall costs. With that said, you should be careful about committing too deeply to DIY wedding plans, especially if you are not practiced in decorating and craft-based activities already.

You Can Plan A Wonderful, Affordable Wedding At Texas Old Town!

With your Texas Old Town setting, you can look forward to having a beautiful, in-budget wedding experience! Couples can enjoy great amenities that make preparing for their wedding easier, while also enjoying a beautiful outdoor ceremony setting, and indoor reception area. We proudly offer happy couples the opportunity to enjoy a premiere Austin wedding experience, with venues that are located conveniently near San Antonio and San Marcos. To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.