Arranging The Details Of Your Reception Meal

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After a lovely ceremony, and the opportunity to celebrate your love with your partner, you can unwind with a terrific wedding reception experience. The reception is your chance to interact with your guests, thank everyone for their support, and watch as so much event planning pays off in the form of a wonderful evening. While there is certainly more to your reception than just your dinner, the food choices you make are certainly important. While Texas Old Town can help you find caterers providing a list of recommended vendors, you can explore your options and find the ideal meal for your wedding. Of course, your serving decisions cover more than just dinner – you can also make plans for snacks, and you will need to arrange your dessert options.

Deciding What To Serve, And How To Serve It

When it comes to selecting your meals, there are many talented catering companies you can rely on for your wedding reception. You can count on their expertise to help you select what to serve, and they can talk to you about your preferred serving style. The formality of your evening can certainly influence both of these choices. Plated meals can make your evening seem more formal, but you can use a buffet line to let people choose the options that work best for them if you prefer. You can also choose to serve a more casual meal family style. This involves bringing generous portions of food to your different tables, and allowing guests to serve themselves from these portions.

Will My Partner And I Have A Chance To Eat?

Many couples are warned that they are unlikely to have time for their own meal, as there are simply too many people to speak with, and too many demands for their time. Of course, this may be less than ideal for you, especially if you have to go a longer amount of time without food. You can work around this situation by planning a short moment to hold everyone’s attention, and sitting down to a plate of your own. For example, you can play a slideshow celebrating your lives together after food is served, and quickly eat while this holds the attention of your guests.

Don’t Forget About Dessert!

The reception meal is important, but the wedding cake is what tends to stand out to the people in attendance. After all, the classic white tiered cake is one of the most recognizable visuals associated with weddings. Take time for a tasting with a prospective baker, so you can choose the best option for you. If you are looking for a way to control your budget, you can use a smaller tiered cake, and several sheet cakes to ensure there are enough slices for everyone.

Enjoy A Wonderful Reception And Ceremony At Texas Old Town!

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