Can We Plan Our Registry Around Our Honeymoon?

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When couples are preparing to start their married lives, they traditionally have a number of helpful gifts from their registry to fill their home. Many people still believe that a registry needs to contain the sort of household goods you will need to create a home with your partner. Of course, these items are not needed for everyone. If you are already living with your partner, you may already own all of the items you would expect someone to put on a registry. As an alternative, many couples instead ask for support in paying for their honeymoon. While this may seem unusual to some of your more old-fashioned guests, you can find that creating a honeymoon-focused registry for your wedding is easier than you might anticipate!

Traditional Gifts May Not Work For Everyone

Simply put, you may not need household goods when you marry. Between your separate homes, or within your shared home, you may have all of the appliances and decorative pieces you could ever ask for, or need. Because of this, the typical registry may offer little value. As an alternative, you may want to use a Honeyfund to help cover the expense of your honeymoon trip, ask that people donate to a particularly charity on behalf of your wedding, or simply request that people not bring gifts.

Selecting Gifts That Support Your Honeymoon

If you want to use your registry to support your honeymoon, but want to give people a chance to give more traditional gifts, you can compromise by asking for items that can help you celebrate. Asking people to purchase items you might need for your travels, like luggage, can allow traditionalists to donate to your wedding in a conventional way, while still helping you. If you select this route, you should not feel like everything has to fit this theme – if you have a few more traditional registry items you do want, let people know!

When Should We Take Our Honeymoon?

With all of your time and attention going to planning your wedding, and attending pre-wedding events like your engagement and bridal showers, as well as your rehearsal dinner, you may have a hard time making any honeymoon plans. Because of this, you can understandably wish to hold off on your travels, at least for a short time. You should not feel like you have to depart right after your wedding day. If you want to wait so that you can make better plans – or if you want to travel during a certain season – you are certainly allowed to do so!

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