Deciding On Shoes For The Bride And Groom

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Depending on the bridal gown you choose to wear, your shoes may receive little attention during your wedding day. This does not mean that footwear is not something to concern yourself with. Even if they are rarely visible in pictures, and hard to see while you stand at the altar, people will see them. It is also worth considering how the right shoes can help you feel that your wedding look is complete – even if you choose to wear something other than traditional heels. The groom’s shoe selection can be important, as they will certainly be a visible part of his outfit. If your groom is wearing something particularly formal, like a tuxedo, the occasion can call for something fancier than the best pair of dress shoes he currently owns.

Selecting Footwear For The Bride

If your wedding dress generally covers your shoes, even when you wear heels, you can feel less pressure to find the “perfect” footwear, and think more about what will make you feel your best on your wedding day. You can even use hard-to-see footwear as an opportunity to sneak your Something Old, Something Borrowed, or Something Blue into your outfit. With that said, you may decide that you want to wear something that pairs well with your outfit. After all, there is still a good chance your footwear will be noticed by guests, and it can help you feel properly dressed for the occasion. One thing you should definitely consider is how easy it is to walk in your chosen shoes. If you find a lovely pair of heels, but feel reluctant to wear them the entire night, you can discreetly switch to more comfortable footwear after the ceremony.

Finding Shoes For The Groom

If your groom is wearing a tuxedo, they may be reluctant to splurge on an appropriate pair of shoes when rental options are available. With that said, a good pair of formal shoes can last, particularly if they are cared for properly, which means this can be a worthwhile investment. If you and your partner are having a more laid-back wedding event, and his suit matches that more relaxed atmosphere, more options can work for shoes. Still, you might want to confirm that his choice fits the rest of his outfit before anyone makes a purchase.

Should You Tell Your Bridesmaids What Shoes To Wear?

While you can offer plenty of input about what your bridesmaids look like, you may want to give them more control in the selection of footwear. If your wedding is casual, or if you let them select variations on their bridesmaid dresses, varying shoes can have little effect on your wedding style. If you want to keep everyone in a unified look, consider giving people parameters for shoe type, or look for less expensive footwear to recommend.

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