Hosting A Cocktail Hour Before Your Reception

Professional Photo By: Tiffany Hofeldt Photography

It is certainly normal to have some kind of delay between the end of your wedding ceremony, and the start of your reception. After all, this is a great time for family photos, and pictures with the bride and groom. While this gap in activities can be expected, you can understandably worry about your guests’ entertainment in this time. Many couples plan some kind of informal cocktail hour in this time. By arranging for your guests to receive refreshments before the reception, you can buy more time for your pictures. This can be particularly helpful if you are not planning to do first look photos before the ceremony, and need more time for photos before the reception.

What You Gain From Hosting A Cocktail Hour

Having a cocktail hour for your guests can be greatly appreciated. The addition of refreshments to this waiting period can help the time feel more festive, and keep people in better spirits. It can also be a nice way of keeping your guests comfortable before they have a chance to sit down at their dinner tables.

Offering Snacks In Addition To Drinks

While the name “cocktail hour” makes it clear that guests should expect to receive drinks, this is also a good time to provide snacks. Offering light, tasty appetizers before the reception begins can be particularly appreciated if your wedding takes place in the later evening, and guests have to wait for their dinner to be served. Make sure you ask your caterer to provide something light, and remember that guests may have limited table space, so finger foods can be appreciated.

Make Sure You have Enough Time For Wedding Photos!

Our Texas Hill Country surroundings make it easy to find a great backdrop for photographs. In fact, we actually welcome guests who want to reserve time to take their engagement photos, bridal portraits, or other pre-wedding photo sessions with us! A cocktail hour can afford you more time to make sure your couple photos, and family pictures, turn out great. When you are confident that your guests are being cared for, and have refreshments already, you can be less concerned about a longer photo session.

You Can Create A Wonderful Experience For Your Wedding Guests At Texas Old Town

Your guests at your Texas Old Town wedding can look forward to a beautiful ceremony, and a fun-filled reception! We are proud to offer a scenic location for your special day, as well as amenities that make the process of planning and celebrating a wedding easier on you and your partner! In addition to offering a wonderful Austin wedding experience, we also welcome people in search of a place to host a corporate event, or other special event. To schedule a tour of our event venue in Kyle, TX, call our office today at 512-396-1800 or complete our online contact form.