Incorporating Family Traditions Into Your Wedding

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As much as your wedding is about you and your partner making your union official, it also celebrates the union of your families. As you start making plans for your ceremony and reception, one or both families may have traditions that you can draw from as you prepare for your special day. These may be subtle matters, or more significant customs you are asked to follow. Make sure you discuss family traditions while you are still early in your planning efforts – it may be difficult to scrap your earlier plans to incorporate something else. In addition to helping you carry on something meaningful to your relatives, or your partner’s relatives, honoring traditions can start to give your wedding event a clearer shape.

Asking About Important Traditions From Both Families

While you may have few wedding traditions in your family, your partner’s family may have important customs you should be aware of. Give both of your parents opportunities to talk about what they did at their weddings, and find out what they might like you to work into your decorations, attire, or events. If there are conflicting traditions, look for ways to combine these different customs into something that honors the spirits of each family’s requests.

Mixing Classic And Modern Ideas

Merging wedding traditions with modern ideas and style touches can help you build a bridge between the custom, and the contemporary. This can be as simple as reading a particular passage, while also sharing your own vows. You can also honor the convention of having the father of the bride “give away” his daughter, while updating the norms of your wedding toasts to make sure both parents have the chance to speak to everyone at the reception.

Should You Try To Preserve Every Tradition?

Whether they are rooted in family, faith, or wedding events themselves, traditions can be important to people. With that said, some of them may be less important to you. While your wedding day will likely be shaped by many classic choices, you should not feel afraid to break from a norm in pursuit of self-expression. Custom wedding vows have grown in popularity, and both brides and grooms have found ways to separate their wedding looks from the traditional tuxedo and gown. While these choices are not for everyone – and they are not the only areas where people try something different – they can be your ideal start to your new life with your partner.

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